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When managing to start the organic fertilizer plant, how do you calculate the cost you need to invest? You can consider this question from the six aspects. They are raw materials selection, organic fertilizer types, production equipment selection, production sites selection, the production capacity, production facilities suppliers. The following are the detailed information about the six aspects.

You should be clear that what types of the raw materials you can use to produce the organic fertilizers. Both animal manure and agricultural waste can be raw materials to make the organic manure.

According to your budget, you will get the right choice. There are two types of the organic fertilizer you can produce. One is the powder organic fertilizer, and the other is granular organic fertilizer.

With the different budgets, you can buy different machines to set up the organic fertilizer production lines. The following is about the equipment selection of three budgets ranges. They are $35,000-$90,000, $110,000-$190,000, and $360,000-$550,000.

Simple Organic Fertilizer Powder Line for Small Scale Fertilizer Manufacturer

You should choose the site for the purpose of reducing transportation costs and not causing environmental pollution. While selecting, you should note the distance to the residential area and raw materials supplier. You need also note the plant area designing.

Like the equipment selection, with different of the investment cost, the productivity of the production line you can set up is also different. According to our years of experience, we summarize the capacity of the powder and granular organic fertilizer production lines.

As the old-brand organic fertilizer production supplier, SX can provide you some useful suggestions about the above points. Moreover, we can design the production lines and customize the production facilities based on your requirements.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line 3D Flow Chart with Double Disc Granulator

For calculating the organic fertilizer plant cost, you must consider the problem about the raw materials collection. As we all know, there are many kinds of the organic waste can be used as the raw materials for the organic fertilizer production. However, different organic wastes have different characteristics. When disposing different raw materials, you will need different types of methods and production equipment. Therefore, you need select the proper raw materials in order not to increase extra organic fertilizer production cost. You can consider it from the following.

You can collect the organic fertilizer raw materials from two main sources. They are animal manure, agricultural waste.

Cow,Pig and Chicken Manure for Organic Fertilizer Production
Agricultural Waste for Organic Fertilizer Production

In addition to choose the right raw materials, you also need to select the right raw materials suppliers to reduce the transportation charge.

What Kinds Of The Fertilizers Can You Produce Within The Organic Fertilizer Plant Cost?

According to the different growth stages of the plants, there are two types of the organic fertilizer you can produce. One is the powder organic fertilizer, the other is granular organic fertilizer. You will get different organic fertilizer plant cost while producing the different types of the organic fertilizers. You can know more about that from the following.

From the above, you can know that the cost of producing powder fertilizer is lower than that of producing granular ones. The main reason is that the equipment needed in the production process is different. Therefore, you should choose the right organic fertilizer production lines according to your budget.

How To Choose The Production Equipment For The Organic Fertilizer Plant At The Lower Cost?

While choosing the organic fertilizer production equipment, you can determine it based on your budget. You can know the detailed information from the following.

The Budget Of $35,000-$90,000

As mentioned above, when setting up the organic fertilizer plant with the budget of $35,000-$90,000, your plant is suitable for producing the powder organic fertilizer. Therefore, while composting the materials, you can choose the composting machine and loader type feeder. For the crushing process, we recommend you buy the new type vertical crushing machine. Then to improve the packing efficiency, you’d better use the fully automatic packing scales.

The Budget Of $110,000-$190,000

When you intend to run the organic fertilizer plant with the budget of $110,000-$190,000, you can set up the granular organic fertilizer production line. While assembling the granular organic fertilizer production line, in addition to purchasing equipment that composes the powder production line, you also need granulating equipment like churning granulation machine that can make powdered organic fertilizer into granules. To improve the fertilizer granules quality, the equipment you still need to buy are the rotary drum cooling machine, drying machine and coating machine.

The Budget Of $360,000-$550,000

The equipment configuration of the organic fertilizer plant built with a budget of $360,000-$550,000 is higher than that of the building with a budget of $110,000-$190,000. while granulating the organic fertilizer, we recommend you use the rotary drum pellet making machine or the disc granulation machine. Bu using the granulation machine, you can produce the granular organic fertilizer on a large scale.

The information is just for your reference. you can depend on your production plan. You can also ask us about the selection of organic fertilizer production equipment.

How can I get quality fertilizer production equipment at least budget ?

How To Choose The Right Production Site For Reducing The Organic Fertilizer Plant Cost?

The selection of the production sits will also affect the organic fertilizer plant cost. For example, you choose the production site which is far away from the raw materials supplier. And the transportation charge will be increased. Therefore, yo need to consider many aspects while selecting the production sites. You can refer to the following.

Organic Fertilizer Production Plant Design, Distance to Residential Area and Raw Material Supplier

The organic fertilizer be far away from villages, highways. The distance from the factory to the residential area is at least 500 meters. In this way, you can prevent the current living water source from pollution.

Your organic fertilizer plant should be close to the supplier of raw materials. Otherwise,not only can you increase the transportation fee, but also quality of the raw materials will be reduced. Therefore, it is important to choose the right production sites.

The production output determines the organic fertilizer factory area. For example, while running the powder organic fertilizer production line with the production capacity of 20t/h, you should expand the factory area to 5,000㎡. while setting up the 20t/h granular organic fertilizer production line, you should build the factory with the area of 10,000㎡.

In addition, you should arrange each functional zone of the plant reasonably. If you have the doubts about the production sites selection, we can give you some useful advice.

How To Calculate The Production Capacity According To The Organic Fertilizer Plant Cost?

  • Powdery Organic Fertilizer Production Lines

  • Granular Organic Fertilizer Production Lines

The above data is just for your reference. You can provide us with your budget and organic fertilizer production plan, we will give you some reasonable suggestions.

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How To Choose The Suitable Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturers To Reduce The Organic Fertilizer Plant Cost?

The selection of the organic fertilizer production facility makers is the important aspect which will influence the organic fertilizer plant cost. Thus, you should choose the proper suppliers. The selection principles are as follows.

We have engaged in producing the organic fertilizer equipment for many years. You can experience the first class service and get the high-quality machines from SX. Moreover, we can provide you with production videos and pictures of the equipment. We also welcome you to visit the production process of the machine on site.

How much will I cost when running organic fertilizer plant?

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