You can get the complete fertilizer production line for livestock manure disposal in FPC company. FPC is a large scale established fertilizer equipment production company. We have been engaged in design and production of fertilizer making machine over 15 years. We are also dedicated in fertilizer production line design and installation. Once choosing FPC fertilizer production line, you can experience wonderful service from fertilizer production line design to fertilizer machines installation and commission.


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When processing livestock into organic fertilizer, there are many types of fertilizer production lines you can buy. For example, you can choose the simple powder organic fertilizer production line for livestock manure management. You can get this line at the price of $35,000-$90,000. The organic fertilizer granules production line is also suitable for your livestock manure fertilizer processing plant. However, the price of granular livestock manure fertilizer production line will higher than that of powder organic fertilizer production line. You need to prepare $110,000-$550,000 to buy a whole complete production line of livestock manure granular fertilizer.

How to choose the best  livestock manure organic fertilizer production line?

What’s more, there is a new livestock manure fertilizer production line. It is livestock manure liquid fertilizer production line. The whole line adopt the newest fertilizer production technology. And it is on sale at favorable price. In addition, you can install the whole line with a small production place.

How much does the livestock manure liquid fertilizer production cost?

FPC produces 1-30t/h livestock manure fertilizer production line. When intending to produce organic fertilizer from livestock manure, you can contact us for free inquiry. Our technical personnel will provide you with professional advice according to your production requirements. Welcome to our website for consultation.

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