The urea fertilizer has the advantages of high utilization rate and high economic benefit. Precisely because it has the two advantages.More and more fertilizer manufacturers have begun to produce urea-based compound fertilizers. Therefore,our company design two economical methods to make it. You can have the  production line to make urea based compound fertilizer at a favourable prices. For example, how to make urea based compound fertilizer within $300,000USD?Our professional advice can give you some reference.

Urea based fertilizer with disc granulation process

In the npk compound fertilizer market, there are various compound fertilizer. Among them, most of the compound fertilizer production materials all contain urea. You can use urea together with other phosphate and potash fertilizers.This method can make NPK17-17-17, 25-10-10, 20-20-20 or other urea-based compound fertilizer.

In the fertilizer manufacturing process, the urea fertilizer produced directly by the method of mixing and stirring is volatile. Problems can also easily arise during the transportation of fertilizers. This results in a 30-40% reduction in urea utilization. However, scientific experiments have proved that when each nutrient is processed by a granulator, it will agglomerate into granules. This particle is harder and has higher quality. Therefore, we designed this disc granulation line to help you produce high-quality urea-based compound fertilizers. By applying this compound fertilizer, crop yield can be increased by about 15%. Therefore, you choose urea-based fertilizer production line will get a great economic value.

Disc Granulator

Urea based fertilizer blending production process

In the BB fertilizer sales market all over the world, the urea fertilizer has a lower price. Therefore, when using the urea as the based fertilizer of the BB fertilizer, you will get 25% higher economic benefit than other kind fertilizer.Because it can produce urea based compound fertilizer with only three key machine.They are mixer, batching,and coating equipment.

You can use a mixer to blend urea with TSP, MOP, DAP. The batching machine can make other materials in a certain proportion and evenly mix. Mixed fertilizer granules can be sold more easily if they are rounder and more beautiful. Therefore, we will equip with the coating machine SXBM-1800 in your production process.

Urea based compound fertilizer

How much fertilizer production capacity you can get within $300,000USD?

10t/h Urea based fertilizer with disc granulation line

In the line of making urea based compound fertilizer process, how does the urea fertilizer become quality compound fertilizer ?You can mix with some other elements of materials like ammonium phosphate and potassium chloride. What is the price of this manufacturing process?Urea based compound fertilizer manufacturers with the budget of $300,000 can buy this 10t/h granulator compound fertilizer production line. Because the yield of this production line is a medium production scale. His investment risk is also relatively small.Within $300,000,you can buy our high configuration of fertilizer equipment.

For this manufacturing line, we design the SXFLF-1000 vertical crusher machine,SXPJ-3000 disc mixer, SXPL-1000 batching machine, SXYZ-4000 disc granulator, SXGS-1560 rotary screening machine, coating machine, belt conveyor and loader type feeder.

In addition,the area is about 1440 square meters. Therefore, you should lease larger production site to install the 10tons per hour granulator urea based compound fertilizer production line.

15t/h Urea based fertilizer blending production line

Compared with the granulation production line, the BB fertilizer production line does not require a granulation process. Because it is made by mixing and stirring several granules of fertilizer products.Therefore, the price of the same production line will be lower than the granulation production line. You can buy a 15t/h Urea based fertilizer blending production line with the same $300,000USD.

For this manufacturing line, we design the SXNS-100 urea crusher and SXJB1000 BB fertilizer Mixer.At the same time,there will a batching process before crushing.In order to reduce labor force, the batching equipment helps you blend the materials in a proportion according to the formula.Because it adopts automatic batching system.The machine can make precise blending fertilizer by fertilizer blending calculator.In addition,the area is about 800 square meters. Therefore, you can reduce your production site cost compared with granulation line.

BB fertilizer production line
BB fertilizer line

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