The successful establishment of a fertilizer plant requires consideration of many factors. The raw materials determine what fertilizers you produce. Your site determines how much production scale you need. Besides,fertilizer equipment determines the quality of your fertilizer. Therefore, we have provided some costs for setting up a fertilizer plant for your reference.The cost of building a fertilizer plant includes site,power&water,manpower,raw material,fertilizer machine and fertilizer manufacturing line.

Site Cost

If you are a new starter in npk fertilizer business ,you can consider to rent a abandoned factory.In this way, you can begin npk fertilizer business at a low cost.When you want to long-run develop fertilizer program, you can buy a complete npk fertilizer plant site. But this price needs to be calculated according to your local charging standard.If you have a farm then converting it into a fertilizer plant can save you money.Meantime, for reducing the cost of npk products transportation, you can select factories near the transportation hub.

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Power&Water Cost

If there are power plants and rivers near NPK factory, which can reduce your unnecessary spending.Also,it is conducive to your equipment continuously operation and subsequent waste discharge.At the same time, during the production process, electricity costs cannot be ignored. The entire production process requires belt conveyors to transport materials.In addition, the continuous electricity can ensure the continuous operation of the entire npk fertilizer plant. Therefore,we manufacture low consumption equipment for you to choose .

Manpower Cost

The price of npk fertilizer producing plant need to consider the cost of workers.During NPK manufacturing, you need to employ some people to operate the npk machines. But the number of workers depends on how automated the fertilizer line you buy is. We design for equipment is cost-effective, low energy and consumption.Besides, it can meet your needs of high degree of automation and small manpower requirements. Generally speaking, in our design of NPK granulates fertilizer plant, you only need 3-4 workers. One worker puts the raw materials into the equipment.Two workers operate the machine.The last worker is responsible for packing NPK granulates fertilizer.

Raw Materials Cost

Raw materials costs are essential for the production of npk fertilizers. In order to make your npk fertilizer production smoother and more efficient, you should be stricter in the selection of raw materials. Excessive differences in raw materials will lead to harmful chemical reactions.They are not conducive to production and wastes money.You can buy the three sources of most suitable raw materials for compound fertilizer.For instance, you can choose nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer.

Nitrogen fertilizer:Urea, ammonium sulphate, ammounim chloride

Phosphate fertilizer:MOP, DAP, calcium super phosphate, calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer

Potassium fertilizer:Potassium chloride, potassium sulphate, potassium sulphate magnesium

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Fertilizer Machine Cost

The raw materials  are mainly potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate and ammonium chloride.Therefore, you can use our double-roller granulator equipment and dry process for simple manufacturing.Maybe you need different types of raw materials and need wet granulation technology. Therefore.we can provide you higher quality fertilizer machines for npk fertilizers. At the same time, our fertilizer equipment equipping with our advanced motor. You can quickly realize your efficient npk fertilizer production.

Fertilizer Manufacturing Line Cost

Generally speaking,different production line have different fees. The minimum area of an npk fertilizer plant is about 800㎡, and its cost is about100,000$USD. You can build fertilizer plant of 800㎡to achieve a production scale of 1-2t/h. If you have 600,000$USD, you can build a large-scale 4000㎡fertilizer plant.It can achieve 25-30t/h production, and it is easier to obtain a considerable income

Piggery waste organic fertilizer production line
Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line
Cow dung organic fertilizer production line

If you want to know the price of more fertilizer equipment and fertilizer production line, you can contact us. Our company is a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer. Not only the production of organic fertilizer equipment but also the production of compound fertilizer equipment. At the same time, we can also design production lines for your fertilizer factory. We have compound fertilizer production lines, organic fertilizer production lines, and BB fertilizer production lines. In addition, our fertilizer formula production line is also a big advantage, including npk15-15-15, npk17-17-17, npk20-10-10. In short, no matter what equipment or production line you need, we can meet your production needs . Welcome to consult.

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