Are you a farmer raising poultry? Do you feel overwhelmed when you collect a lot of animal waste? Do you know the best solution when you want to manage poultry manure for more profits?

How to manage your poultry manure problem?

We have designed effective management solutions:The collected animal manure is composted and fermented. Next, you can go through a series of fertilizer granulation processes. Finally, you can manufacture organic fertilizers for sale. If animal waste is not disposed of in time, air pollution will occur. At the same time, it loses its value. Because animal manure contains a lot of nutrients suitable for soil and crop growth. Therefore, the best management solution is to maximize the value of poultry waste and make a profit by composting it into fertilizer.

However, poultry waste cannot be directly used for fertilizer pelleting. First, you need to compost the poultry manure. Through the principle of oxygen-consuming fermentation, it will make poultry manure, agricultural waste, sugar mill filter mud, sludge, household waste and other pollutants into green, environmentally friendly fertilizer.But how to do fermented composting? If you want to use manual processing, this is extremely unwise behavior. Because it is not only inefficient in composting, but also in insufficient fermentation. According to Shunxin’s many years of experience, you can use composting turner machine and for compost fermentation. The bio-organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine can achieve heating in one day, deodorization and sterilization in 3-5 days, and fertilizer in seven days. It is faster and more efficient than other mechanical means of fermentation.

In addition, depending on the characteristics of your site, there are different types of flipping machine options. However, different types of composting machines have different prices. The following content can give you some reference.

manure composting machine price

Groove Type Compost Turner for Organic Fertilizer Production Line

If you raise enough poultry, you will produce a lot of animal manure every day. Additional cleaning costs will be incurred if not dealt with in a timely manner. The groove compost turner can process these poultry manure in a timely and fast manner for the composting and fermentation process. If your waste includes animal manure, sludge residue, straw and other fertilizers, the full crushing and mixing function of the groove turning machine can also meet your needs. Because the turning teeth of the compost machine are strong and durable, they have a certain ability to break and mix most materials. In addition, the groove turning machine needs to do the turning work in the fermentation tank, and cannot work directly on the ground. Therefore, the cost of the groove turning machine also includes the construction of the groove. But it has a unique design that can be used together with the mobile machine to achieve the function of one machine with multiple slots. Moreover, the manure processing capacity of the groove-type turner is much greater than that of the ground crawler turner. As a result, you can achieve efficient fertilizer production and achieve high yields quickly.

Crawler Type Compost Turner

Ground Turner for Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The crawler-type turning machine is a kind of large-scale ground turning machine. Not only does it have a fully hydraulic operating system, but the lever-type steering wheel is easier to operate. Ground flipping machine greatly saves space, labor and diesel. In addition, turning shortens the composting time of poultry. If you use a ground turner, you need to pile the manure into long stacks. On the one hand, it is beneficial for the turning and throwing machine to regularly stir and pulverize the materials. On the other hand, it can also promote air circulation and make the raw material fluffy. At the same time, it can increase the temperature of the compost pile, which is beneficial to compost fermentation.

If your farm has 300,000 chickens, you can collect at least 30 tons of animal manure a day. You can manage these poultry waste for compost granulation with a groove turner or a crawler turner. Both the groove turner and the crawler turner are Shunxin’s hot-selling composting equipment. Whether you need any composting equipment, composting methods or a complete organic fertilizer production line, we can meet your needs. You can get our most sincere quotation, welcome to consult!

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