Chicken manure is the raw materials of organic fertilizer which is rich in nutrients. When running an organic fertilizer production line of chicken manure, how much should I cost? The price of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is related to its production capacity and area. You can choose the suitable fertilizer production line of chicken manure from the following.

How much is the 1-5 tph chicken manure organic fertilizer production line?

1-5 t/h chicken manure organic fertilizer production line can be divided into powder line and granular line. These two types of organic fertilizer processing line prices are different. For small organic fertilizer plant, we recommend you buy the powder chicken manure organic fertilizer producing line. You can get whole line at the price of about $45,000. The entire chicken manure production line includes compost turner, crushing machine, fertilizer screening machine, fertilizer packing machine and conveyor system. In addition, you should lease the production area about 1,500㎡ for install complete chicken manure fertilizer production line.

What is the price of 10-20tph chicken manure pellets production line?

10-20t/h organic manure granular production line price ranges from $360,000 to $550,000. It is more suitable for large scale chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturing factory. The complete line consists of crawler type compost turner, vertical type compost turner, SXGS-2080 rotary screening machine,pan granulator, rotary drum granulator, fertilizer dryer machine, ect. You can visit our website for whole design solution of 10-20 tons per hour chicken manure organic fertilizer granules production line. Choosing FPC, you can get efficient and energy saving granular fertilizer production line.

The above data is just for your reference. Different configurations of chicken manure fertilizer making lines are sold at the different prices. When searching for complete set of organic fertilizer production machines, FPC fertilizer equipment manufacturer will be your best choice. Welcome to our website for consultation. We will provide you with professional suggestions.

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