Cow manure compost equipment price changes with its model and technical. There are many models of composting machines for cow manure disposal. All of them are sold at the affordable price. You can choose the right cow dung composting equipment according to the following advice.

How to choose the compost turner for small scale cow manure management?

For small scale organic fertilizer production companies, their budget may be limited. Therefore, there are two types of cow manure compost turners for you in FPC company. One is moving type windrow compost turner, and the other is groove type compost turner. For saving construction cost, you can buy the movable type compost turning equipment for processing cattle dung. The price of moving type composting machine ranges from $6,000 to $15,0000. You can contact us to get latest price of the machine.

How to get the moving type cow manure compost equipment at the best cost?

Which compost turners are used for large scale cow manure composting?

There are three types of cow manure compost turner machines you can buy in FPC company. They are wheel type composting machine, crawler type compost turner and fully automatic fermentation tank.Their prices are higher than that of above two composting equipment. When processing the cow manure efficiently, we recommend you to use the vertical fermentation pot. Through using it, you can lower the invested manpower. Because fermentation tank processes the cow manure fully automatically.

What size of fermentation tank shoud I buy for cow manure management?

Various types of cow manure compost equipment are on sale at favorable price in FPC company. You can email us to consult the details. In addition to the newest price list, we will also provide you with professional advice and first-class service. Welcome to our website for free inquiry.

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