Cow manure is an important raw material for organic fertilizer production. It has the characteristic of high moisture. Therefore, the cow dung should dewatered by the solid-liquid separator when using it to produce the organic fertilizer. After being dewatered, the solid cow manure is used for powder or granular organic fertilizer production. To make full use of cow manure, the left cow dung wastewater can be used for making liquid fertilizer. Then, what is the production process of cow dung liquid fertilizer? There are four steps when making cow dung liquid fertilizer. They are solid-liquid separation, remove impurities, sterilization, anaerobic fermentation.

Fresh cow manure contains high moisture and nutrients. Therefore, it is the good raw materials for liquid fertilizer productiob. The cow dung dewatering machine is required at this moment. There are two types of solid-liquid separator machines in FPC you can choose. One is screw-extruding solid-liquid separator, and the other is inclined sieve solid-liquid separator. Our dewatering equipment can treat the cow dung with over 50% moisture. After being dewatered, the cow manure moisture can be decreased to about 30%. Therefore, FPC cow manure solid-liquid separator is an efficient fertilizer production machine. In addition, you can get more cow manure wastewater to make liquid fertilizer.

After dewatering, there are still some impurities like grass craps in cow manure wastewater. To make quality cow manure liquid fertilizer, you’d better remove these impurities. First, you should build sedimentation tank and overflow tank to remove impurities initially. Then, the wastewater will be pumped into the filter device with the help of centrifugal pump. The filer equipment will remove the left impurities. In this way, you can get the high-purity cow dung wastewater.

Through the filtering process, you can improve the cow manure wastewater purity. However, there are many harmful bacteria like Escherichia coli in the waste water. To make safety liquid fertilizer, you should use the sterilization device to kill these pathogenic bacteria. For this step, FPC produces the UV sterilization device. This equipment can kill the pathogenic bacteria effectively. After that, you can use the treated cow dung wastewater to make liquid fertilizer.

You should add fermentation agents and other auxiliary materials into the cow dung wastewater after the above three steps. The purpose of this is to shorten the fermentation time. When adding these substances, you’d better crush them with shredding machine in advance. In this way, the dissolution rate can be increased to improve the production efficiency. Then, the mixture will flow into the fermentation tank under the action of centrifugal pump. Liquid fertilizer production applies the anaerobic fermentation system. It is different from the solid organic fertilizer production.

The mentioned above is about the cow dung liquid fertilizer production process. For the bio-organic liquid fertilizer production, FPC designs the liquid fertilizer production line specially. Therefore, you can get complete set of animal manure wastewater liquid fertilizer production line form us. FPC liquid fertilizer production line has the advantages of less land occupation, long service life and high production capacity. Welcome to our website to get newest information about the cow dung liquid fertilizer production line.

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