How Does the Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulation Line Cost ?

Granular fertilizer production line price changes with its configuration and production capacity. For different scales of organic fertilizer manufacturing plant, FPC designs and produces two types of granulation lines. One is 1-5t/h stirring tooth granulator type production line, and the other is 10-20t/h rotary drum granulator type production line. They are on sale at different price. The following is about the budget of these two pelleting line.

  • 1-5t/h Churning Granulation Production Line Price

  • 10-20t/h Churning Granulation Production Line Price

The above data is just for your reference. From the above, you can know that the organic fertilizer granulating production line price is related to the yield and machines configuration. Therefore, we design and produce 1-30t/h organic fertilizer granules production line to meet customers’ different demands. All of our organic fertilizer pellet production lines are on sale at favorable price. Welcome to contact with us to get the newest quoted price.

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