Setting up NPK fertilizer plant, you need to consider many aspects, such as production site selection, plant construction and equipment purchase. We can know how to run an NPK compound fertilizer company form the above three aspects. You can get the detailed explanation from the following.

  • Question 1: how to choose the right production site for my NPK fertilizer plant?

Production site selection is very important for starting an NPK fertilizer plant. The choice of site is not only required to not affect the surrounding environment, but also must be conducive to the transportation of products and raw materials. Therefore, you should note the following four points when choosing the NPK fertilizer plant production site.

  • Question 2: how to design the NPK fertilizer production plant?

According to the production site area, you should divide the functional areas of the NPK fertilizer plant reasonably. You can divide the production site into four functional areas. They are raw materials processing area, NPK fertilizer production area, finished products storeroom and working-living zone. The former three functional areas should not far away each other. In this way, you can ensure that the NPK compound fertilizer production process is successive. The working-living area should be far away the NPK fertilizer production area. The production area size depends on the NPK fertilizer production plant capacity and budget.

  • Question 3: what machines should I buy for NPK fertilizer production?

Generally, the compound fertilizer manufacturer produce and sell the granular NPK fertilizer. Therefore, you need to purchase one or more complete sets of NPK fertilizer granulation line. The equipment you need to buy are dynamic batching system, fertilizer crushing machine, horizontal mixing machine, fertilizer granulator machine, drying machine, cooling machine,drum screening machine and automatic packing machine. You can also purchase the coating machine to dye the NPK fertilizer granules. The machines configuration is related to your NPK fertilizer plant capacity and budget.

The above is three aspects about setting up an NPK fertilizer plant. Of course, there are still many aspects need to consider. You can ask us for suggestions when starting an NPK fertilizer plant. FPC, as established fertilizer equipment manufacturer, has been engaged in NPK fertilizer equipment and production line designing and manufacturing for many years. We can provide you with efficient NPK compound fertilizer equipment and entire NPK fertilizer production line. What’s more, we can also offer reasonable suggestions about the NPK fertilizer plant production site design.

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