BB fertilizer is a bulk blending compound fertilizer. Compound fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, commonly known as BB fertilizer. The production process of BB fertilizer is to physically mix different types of granular fertilizers such as urea, ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride according to the required proportions. In addition, BB fertilizer has a flexible formula and balanced particle size.Besides,it has good particle strength, and no caking during storage.At present, organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, BB fertilizers and other fertilizers can be found in the market. However, the BB fertilizer production process is the simplest and the investment is the least.Therefore,many fertilizer manufacturers want to set up BB fertilizer plant.What is fertilizer blending plant cost?Our professionals give you some reference about cost.

What is fertilizer blending plant cost?

Your budget is the key to make fertilizer blending plant come true. If you have sufficient capital, the whole bulk blending production line including bucket elevator and mobile belt conveyor or other fertilizer production line can be chosen alternatively. And you can buy some auxiliary equipment to improve fertilizer quality. If you want to save the cost, recommend that you can bag fertilizer by your labor force or batch the materials on your own. Both of ways are possible.

The main equipment of BB fertilizer mixing plant is mixer. If you are not so strict on the ratio of nutrient elements, you can do the ratio of materials manually. Secondly, if you are not worried about the packaging efficiency, you can hire 2-3 people to do manually operate packaging machine. But how to choose a cost-effective mixer is still very important. You can choose to buy directly from an equipment manufacturer like us, rather than buy it through a middleman at a high price. Our company equipment is energy-saving and low-consumption. It adopts advanced motor accessories such as Siemens from Germany.They can greatly reduces the power consumption of the equipment.

The cost of acquisition and installation of fertilizer blending plant is taken into consideration. In terms of installation problem, we can arrange our 1 – 2 engineers to install bulk blending production line in 3-4 days. The fees you need to offer. Or you can install it by your own for a week according to the fertilizer blending plant installation guidelines. It is up to you.

If you adopt our automatic production line,including automatic batching machine, BB fertilizer mixer, automatic packaging machine. Manual operations can be minimized, eliminating the need to hire additional workers to operate the machine.

Delivery of the finished equipment to the customer requires payment of transportation fees. We will choose the most economical transportation method according to the customer’s situation, including land transportation, sea transportation and air transportation. In addition, we Shunxin have our own logistics line, which can guarantee the delivery time to the greatest extent, allowing you to experience our products faster.

BB fertilizer production line
BB mixer

How to buy the cost-effective blending machine?

Our company produces many types of blenders, different models have different power and production capacity. Surely,they all sold at different prices.The following are some of our hot-selling blender types:

Its price is 3,000USD.The remarkable feature of the horizontal mixer is that it saves space. At the same time, it can realize the stirring output of 2-15tons per hour. It is widely used in continuous mixing of blended fertilizers, generally after automatic batching equipment. The working principle is that the material enters the stirring tank.Next,it is uniformly stirred through the spiral blades mounted on a pair of opposite double shafts.

You need pay 11,000USD to buy it.Drum type BB fertilizer mixer can help your fertilizer plant achieve continuous production.Because its output can reach 30-40 tons per hour.We can customize the lining of anti corrosion material according to your production requirements.In a word,if you have a large scale fertilizer production business, we recommend you this model fertilizer machine.

single shaft mixer

What is fertilizer blending plant cost?How to choose best BB fertilizer machine at favorable prices?All of the above can be your reference. But in order to buy cost-effective fertilizer machine, you first need to determine what your raw materials are and what capacity you can budget.If you need a BB fertilizer quotation, please feel free to contact us with your production raw materials and capacity requirements.Our professionals will make price of a whole plant of fertilizer blending for you.We can help you choose the best bulk blending machine.

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