FPC is an established fertilizer equipment production company. We have dedicated in fertilizer equipment design and production for many years. In addition, we also engage in organic and compound fertilizer production line design and installation. Our customers are from all round the world. Here is a successful case of designing pan granulation line for Indian customer.

The fertilizer manufacturer from India uses the quartz sand dust as the main materials of compound fertilizer. At the same time, he will add some binders like soda ash, sodium silicate liquid, calcium carbonate.

  • What capacity of fertilizer production line do I need?

The Indian fertilizer producer wants to get a complete set of granulation system with the production capacity of 5t/h. According to the amount of raw materials, we recommend the customer to the pan granulation line.
  • What is the area of fertilizer production site do I have?

The India customer provide us with the data of his production site area. According to the production site and yield, our technical personnel offer the whole double-disc granulation system drawing to the customer.

  • What fertilizer equipment do I need to buy?

The whole pan granulation system consists of forklift feeding machine, disc feeding machine, pan granulator, drum dryer,cooling machine, screening machine, chain crusher, belt conveyors and dust removal device.

  • How is the pan granulation effect?

We buy the customer’s raw materials for fertilizer production locally. Then, we use our pan granulation machine to granulate these materials. We send the pictures of fertilizer pellet sample to the customer.

Finally, we provide the Indian customer with double disc granulation system at favorable price. The above is just for your reference. We will propose different design solutions of fertilizer production line according to the customers needs.

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