Windrow composting is a fermentation system which can save infrastructure construction cost. For the windrow fermentation method, you can use two kinds of windrow compost machines. One is movable windrow turning machine, and the other is crawler turning compost machine. Both of them are efficient organic fertilizer fermentation machines. You can choose the ideal windrow compost turner machine from the following.

Which type of windrow compost turner is suitable for small fertilizer plant?

The wheel type compost turner is mainly used in small-scale organic fertilizer manufacturing factory. This kind of windrow compost turning machine has taken four wheels design. You can operate it to move forward, backward and turn around. Compared with groove type compost turner, the wheel windrow turner is more flexible when turning the organic manure. The moving windrow turner produced from FPC can turn organic materials with 0.6m-0.8m height and 2m width. It can treat 380 m³ organic manure per hour.

What machines can be use for large scale composting?

Crawler type compost windrow turner is a kind of large scale fermentation machine. It is often used in cases of too much raw materials. The organic fertilizer crawler type compost turner is mainly used in large fertilizer production plant. The crawler compost turner made by FPC is equipped with hydraulic operating system. Therefore, there is less machine wear-corrosion. FPC crawler type compost turning machine can turning 500-1500m³ organic machine in an hour.

The above two equipment are also called self propelled compost turning machine. They are suitable for compost of animal manure, mushroom and other organic materials. For fertilizer manufacturers with different budgets and production capacities, FPC produces windrow compost turning machine with different technical specifications. Welcome to our website to get latest price list.

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