Fresh chicken manure contains 50%-60% of water content. When recycling the chicken waste, you can make the liquid fertilizer. Then how to make the chicken manure liquid fertilizer? There are six steps of chicken manure liquid fertilizer production process.

Step2: After Dewatering, Settle Chicken Manure Wastewater.

The liquid chicken waste is  important raw material for fertilizer production. When dewatering the chicken manure, use a screw extruded or inclined sieving solid liquid separator. The machine can separate the liquid waste from chicken manure efficiently.

There are many impurities in the dewatered liquid waste. You should build a sedimentation pool and overflow pool to settle these impurities of the liquid chicken waste. The capacities of these two pools depend on the amount of your raw materials.

Step3: How to Filter the Impurities from Liquid Chicken Manure?

Step4:How to Sterilize the Filtered Liquid Chicken Manure?

Through the above step, the visible impurities can be cleared. However, there are still grass scraps, sand and little stones in the chicken wastewater. The filter device of liquid fertilizer production line will do a great help.

In chicken droppings, there are some parasites and other germs. Therefore,FPC equips the whole line with two UV sterilization devices which can kill 99% of pathogenic bacteria in the livestock manure excrement.

Step5: How to Adjust the Chicken Wastewater Content before Fermentation?

Step6: the Last Step– Ferment the Liquid Chicken Waste in Anaerobic Fermentation System

To speed up fermentation and supply other organic matter, you should add some additives in the liquid chicken droppings in the mixing system. For example, you should add fermenter to accelerate the anaerobic fermentation speed.

The prepared mixture will be sent into chelating tank for anaerobic fermentation. The whole fermentation time will last about three days. Then, you can operate the liquid fertilizer packing system to start finished products packaging.

The above is the chicken manure liquid fertilizer production line process. There are whole sets of organic fertilizer liquid fertilizer production machines on sale in FPC company. You can get them at the best price. You can email us to get the latest price list. At the same time, you can know more information about the liquid fertilizer production line and equipment. Welcome to consult.

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