What type of organic fertilizer production line is suitable for me to build? Many customers who have built an organic fertilizer plant for the first time will ask us such a question. Because of different budget, they can get different scales of organic fertilizer processing lines. Here is a detailed instruction of 20 t/h powder organic fertilizer production line for customer whose budget is about $90,000. You can get details about the specific configuration of $90,000 organic fertilizer production line from the following.

When your budget is about $90,000, the best choice is to buy a powdery organic fertilizer production line. The machines you need to buy include crawler type compost turner, vertical type compost shredder, rotary screening machine, powder packing machine, loader type feeder, belt conveyor. The models of these fertilizer machines can be replaced according to your production site area and raw materials type. You can email us for your raw materials, production capacity and other production requirements. We can provide you with the best design solution of organic fertilizer making line.

There are also other organic fertilizer production lines in FPC company. In order to meet demands of small, medium and large scale fertilizer plants, we design and produces different types of organic fertilizer processing lines. You can get 1-20 t/h powder organic fertilizer production lines. What’s more, you can also find 1-20t/h granular organic fertilizer production lines. They are on sale at the best price. Please email us to get the latest quoted price list. The customized organic fertilizer production lines can be also found in our company. Visit our website and email us for more details.

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