The pig manure is one of common raw materials for organic fertilizer production. Generally, fertilizer manufacturers turn the swine manure into quality organic fertilizer through composting. There are two types of composting systems for pig manure organic fertilizer production. One is natural composting method, and the other is mechanical composting method. You can know the time of two composting methods for pig manure disposal from the following.

How long will it take with natural composting for pig manure production?

When applying natural composting system, you should create material piles firstly. These material piles should be the ingredients mixture. The mixture should include pig manure,crop straw, weeds, dried leaves and other organic materials. Then, you should turn the compost pile at least once a month. The turning purpose is to supply the oxygen and reduce the temperature for compost piles. This process will take one to three months. What’s more, much manpower is needed when composting. Therefore, the natural composting method is not suitable for organic fertilizer manufacturing plant.

How long does it take to dispose swine waste using mechanical composting?

Because the natural fermentation takes a long time, the fertilizer producers prefer to apply mechanical composting method. When applying the mechanical composting system, you’d better dewater the wet pig manure with solid-liquid separator first. Then, you can use the fertilizer blending machine to mix the agricultural waste with pig manure evenly. When fermentation, the compost turner machine is needed. The compost turning machine plays a role in mixing, fluffing and crushing materials pile. The equipment can speed up composting effectively. Under the normal condition, the fermentation process is finished in one week.

As mentioned above, the mechanical composting system is more suitable for fertilizer production plant. It will take less time and manpower when production. FPC has been engaged in fertilizer equipment production for many years. There are many professional machines for pig manure compost production in FPC, like crushing machine, mixing equipment and compost turning machine. Welcome to our website for more information.

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